Olmstead Quality of Life Survey Interviewers pose for a picture together after the completion of the survey.

This month we wrapped up a huge project—the Minnesota Olmstead Plan’s Quality of Life Survey. The findings of this survey will serve as a baseline against which future survey results can be compared. Over time, this will show how the State of Minnesota is doing as it works to increase autonomy and integration for people with disabilities.

First and foremost, thank you to the more than 2,000 individuals across Minnesota that took the survey over the past year. Your stories matter, and your willingness to talk to us about your lives will make a difference. Thank you to all who participated.

Infographic titled "Olmstead Quality of Life Survey by the Numbers" highlights some important stats from implementing the survey: 19,475 letters sent, 33,823 phone calls made, 9,000 potential participants reached, 22 interviewers, and 2,000 surveys completed!

More than 20 interviewers were the heart of the project team, many conducting as many as 100-150 hour-long surveys. Their dedication, passion, and teamwork were critical; they gave the project deeper meaning by connecting with and truly listening to participants. Thank you, Olmstead interviewers!

Finally, thank you to the many other people who played a role in this project, including guardians, service providers, county lead agencies, the Olmstead Implementation Office, and other Minnesota state agencies.

“It’s been a journey,” says IG-er Colleen Casey, who has supported the survey since we piloted it in 2014. “It was good people doing good work.”

For more information about the survey, visit: Minnesota's Olmstead Quality of Life Survey.