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You can help make life better for people living with disabilities! Help us get the word out about the Olmstead Quality of Life survey.

About the Survey

The Quality of Life survey is a part of Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan. The survey will be used to help make Minnesota a place where people with disabilities are living, learning, working, and enjoying life in the most integrated community setting of their choice.

The Quality of Life (QOL) Survey measures changes or improvements in the lives of people with disabilities. And this is the first time the survey has ever been implemented in Minnesota.

The goal of the survey is to answer the question, “Are you better off now than you were before?”  The Improve Group will be interviewing people with disabilities all over the State of Minnesota about their quality of life. The State will use this information from the survey to improve options and choices for people with disabilities throughout the state.

Our goal is to connect with at least 2,000 Minnesotans with disabilities by October 2017. The success of this effort requires that we listen intentionally to the stories, ideas, and dreams of people with disabilities. It will also require support from many partners—including people with disabilities, service providers, families, community members, and caregivers—to reach that ambitious goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly-asked questions about the survey:

What is the survey’s purpose?

The Quality of Life survey is a way to gather input from Minnesotans with disabilities about their lives. Over the next few years, the survey will measure improvements in the lives of Minnesotans with disabilities.

Who will be surveyed?

A sample of Minnesotans with disabilities was invited to participate in the survey. Potential participants were intentionally selected to reflect the diversity of people with disabilities receiving state services. 

What questions does the survey ask?

The survey includes questions about people’s quality of life including their level of integration in the community and their level of decision making in their lives. The questions are designed for users with a range of communication styles.

Who is conducting the survey?

The Improve Group, a research and evaluation company in St. Paul, is working with the Olmstead Implementation Office at the State of Minnesota to administer the Quality of Life survey.

We have interviewers on staff who are trained to conduct the survey in the most inclusive and accessible manner. Want to know more? Meet the Olmstead Quality of Life Survey interviewers here!

How will you keep participant data safe?

All of the personal information (name, address, phone number) of the survey participants will be kept separate from their answers to the survey and only a few people are able to access that information. The Improve Group does not have access to any sensitive information like social security numbers.

The Olmstead Quality of Life Survey has received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Click here to view the IRB approval letter.

Can any person with a disability take the survey?

Because it is a scientific survey, a 12,000-person sample was selected. Unfortunately, if you were not pre-selected, you are not eligible to take the survey. People in the sample were chosen randomly so that those who take the survey will be representative of the diversity of people with disabilities in Minnesota. The survey aims to reach people with a range of disabilities and types of services in select geographic areas around the state.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will keep in touch with the project through the Olmstead QoL Survey Facebook page. You can also help by spreading the word about the survey throughout your community!

Do you have questions about the survey?

If you were selected to participate, reach out to The Improve Group using the contact information on the materials you received.

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