IG2020 Logo with the statement "Celebrating Connections"; Other words such as Building, Fostering, Strengthening appear in different shades of darkness to convey the different ways connections will grow in 2020!

We are so excited to be celebrating The Improve Group’s 20-year anniversary all year long! In reflecting on this momentous occasion, our team agreed that the great joy of our work is the opportunity to make connections with you—our clients, partners, staff, and the community members we serve. It’s what we most look forward to this year: the chance to celebrate our friendships and make new ones.

In that spirit, we created the theme “IG2020: Connections” for our 20-year celebration. We’re rolling out #IG2020 and some snazzy new logos and graphics, so feel free to keep an eye out on social media and celebrate with us.

IG2020 Logos

IG2020: Connections will come up in a several ways as we spend the year celebrating our connections and forming new bonds. If you’ve connected with IG as a newsletter reader, client, partner, former intern or staff member, or a community member, we’d love to connect with you to co-create how we commemorate this anniversary—especially as we lead up to our celebration later in the year.

One way we want to foster connections is through storytelling—how our many connections began and how they impact us today. Soon, we’ll be rolling out ways for you to share your favorite IG stories and memories from the past 20 years. We’re so excited to pull these contributions together to help us tell a complete story. So, keep an eye out for more to come, and thank you for helping us to connect happy memories of the past to our exciting future!