Here at The Improve Group we always look forward to State Fair season. And being evaluators, we decided to ask IGers what they would like to evaluate at the Minnesota State Fair. Check out how fun evaluation can be when combined with fried food, a plethora of dairy, animals, and warm weather!

If you could evaluate one thing at the State Fair, what would it be?

Russell Barnes: Does one Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar give you more cookies than the other? 

Brita Blesi: How does the daily temperature and humidity impact the level of stench in each of the animal barns?

Colleen Casey: How much time, on average, do fair-goers spend waiting in lines while at the fair?

Yazmin Cespedes: Which booth at the State Fair has the best cheese curds and why (type of cheese, texture, flavor, density, dipping sauces)?

Moira Gaidzanwa: What is the lifelong impact of being crowned Princess Kay of the Milky Way? This longitudinal study will follow-up with previous Princess Kays from fifty years ago to now and examine their past and current relationship with dairy, and the impact of bearing the heavy burden of being Minnesota’s buttered Princess Kay of the Milky Way. The butterhead and crown, a curse to a cheesy life, or a lift up to a life of peaches and cream?

Dan Goldstein: What short- and long-term impacts does dipping French fries into dairy barn milkshakes have on joy?

Leah Goldstein Moses: I have a silly question and a serious question. Silly: What do the blue-ribbon criteria for seed art, cows, and cinnamon rolls suggest about the State Fair’s theory of change? Serious: In what ways is the Minnesota State Fair truly a get-together, and to what degree do diverse communities feel included in getting together?

Jill Lipski Cain: In what ways can we leverage our community assets to improve the living conditions for our haunted mansion residents?

Katherine Lymn: How does the time of day impact the amount of food that people eat?

Kayla Meyers: In what ways does amount of cheese influence a food’s deliciousness?

Maria Moeller: I’d like to get an answer once and for all, which is better - Pronto Pups or corn dogs – and why?

Christen Pentek: What engagement with community representatives happens at the fair – how are various populations connected with information they otherwise would not have exposure to? Who is not represented? Underrepresented? Overrepresented? How do the themed days at the fair impact the types of personalities that show up (library day anyone?)?

Karissa PropsonWhat plays a bigger role in Minnesotans’ love for the state fair: nature or nurture?

Sadman Rahman: How do people feel about the smell of fried food in the air in the hot summer at the State Fair?

Jessica Schuetz: What food is eaten more: Mini donuts, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, or French Fries?

Ellen Squires: How does consumption at the All You Can Drink Milk Booth impact subsequent eating choices? 

Nick Stilp: How much cotton candy is too much cotton candy? or How many tacos is too many tacos? I think we need a scale.


What would you evaluate at the State Fair? We posed the same question to our fans on Facebook. Click the comment icon in the post below to see the results and contribute your thoughts!