I had the good fortune to meet Karen Anderson a couple years ago at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Conference in Saint Paul. At that time, she was working on launching her new website, the NonprofitRFPExchange. It was exciting to hear about all the ideas she had for creating a helpful resource for nonprofits. Her site is currently up and running and I encourage you to take a look. The NonprofitRFPExchange not only offers nonprofit organizations a place where they “can get more bids, gather more resumes, and facilitate the funding process on one website,” but also has information for grantmakers, businesses, job seekers and volunteers. The Exchange assists non-profits and other businesses to make mutually beneficial connections regarding goods and services. Posting information on the site is free for non-profits and other tax-exempt organizations. If you would like to learn more please go to: http://www.NonprofitRFPExchange.com.