Evaluation deals with public information and involves the engagement of many different communities. When our work requires we access these communities , we have the responsibility to be professional, use valid methods and share current information. To assist in this effort the American Evaluation Association developed the Guiding Principles for Evaluators to provide an ethical framework within which evaluators should provide services to the public. They are also meant to foster discussion about promising practices and encourage continuing development in the profession. The Guiding Principles for Evaluators are: Systematic Inquiry Competence Integrity/Honesty Respect for People Responsibilities for General and Public Welfare (See Leah’s August 20th blog for more details on each principle). At the Improve Group we have discussed these principles and endeavor to use them in a proactive way as we conduct our business. They keep us focused on veracity in our research and maintaining a transparent and open process with our clients. We would encourage everyone who has had, or is planning to invite evaluators to work with their organization to read the detailed explanation of each of the principles and the context in which they were established. They can help you think about what to expect when working with an evaluator and understand why they make some of the recommendations they do.