In our work with the Girl Scouts of the USA to evaluate the uniquely ME! program, we currently designing a blog for girls that will be used as part of the evaluation. This is a new and exciting territory for us and our heads have been buzzing with ideas of how best to collect and analyze the data. We’ve designed the blog so that girls will be able to comment on our posted questions about beauty, self-esteem and healthy living. They will have the opportunity to shape the blog by submitting questions for us to ask all girls and by participating in a variety of fun, content-relevant web activities. Because our program is aimed at girls aged 8-17, our foremost concern in designing the blog was creating a safe place for girls online. The blog requires a password to enter and the link to the blog will only be made available to girls in the program. We also have taken steps to ensure the blog is in compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 that prohibits collecting personal information (like last names and email addresses) of children under 13. When analyzing data from the blog, we will have to keep in mind that while many girls may read the blog, a much smaller percentage will actually make postings. The web activities and polls are a way to engage a greater number of girls and direct them to girl-friendly content online.