All good ideas... are difficult to implement! The Improve Group has some tools that we are making better use of in our own planning, however. Thanks to a SharePoint site, our staff are able to host discussions, post ideas and share lists of resources that are open to any contributers. We can also create sub-sites for any of our projects which serves us well for managing some of our larger projects. One thing we talk about frequently is how much we'd like an easy way to share recommended readings about specific topics - or even just for fun. So we created an "Improve Group recommends" list where staff can list their recent finds; it is easy for everyone to navigate, sort, search and extract from. Our technology consultant (Yerkotech Consulting) helped set up our SharePoint site, but it has taken several months for us to make better use of it. I'll write more as we find additional ways to use technology in our own planning and management and how that might be applied to public and non-profit organizations.