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Giving back to the nonprofits, benefit corporations, and international NGOs that make an impact on the world every day.

At The Improve Group, we are committed to helping mission-driven organizations reveal new strategies to deepen their impact and achieve their missions. In 2010, we launched our Pro Bono Initiative in order to offer expert evaluation, research, and strategic planning services to organizations with limited financial resources. Since then, we have provided pro bono support to more than 20 nonprofits, NGOs, and businesses working to develop resilient, equitable, and thriving communities. We collaborate closely with our pro bono clients to conduct comprehensive evaluations and needs assessments, to develop effective strategic plans, and much more.

We support fully pro bono projects and projects from organizations seeking pro bono assistance to supplement their existing budgets. Our team will partner with these clients to expand and amplify evaluation and strategic planning efforts.

The Improve Group Pro Bono Initiative is a year-long rolling application process, but we encourage organizations to apply as early as possible. The opportunity is open to nonprofit organizations, international NGOs, and privately owned businesses.

Pro Bono Application

Attention: The Improve Group's Pro Bono capacity for 2016 has been filled. While we accept applications on a rolling basis, any new proposals submitted will not be reviewed until our capacity opens up in 2017.

Please consider applying for our pro bono services at:

If you would like a full copy of the application for print and review, you can download it here. Progress on pro bono recipients is documented in our Blog.

Any additional questions can be sent to 

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