Just Released: IG Annual Public Benefit Report

As a registered Public Benefit Corporation with the State of Minnesota, each year we report on our impact. We recently completed our 2017 report outlining how we unleashed the power of IG to influence social change, used innovative strategies to meet communities’ needs, and aligned our internal operations with our goals.

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What's New

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and in this month's newsletter we focus on the importance of bringing a survivor-centered, trauma-informed approach to issues of sexual violence. Then, IG consultants explain why using a Sticky Wall can be essential in guiding facilitation work. Finally, we provide tips on how you can bring mindfulness to an office near you!

Check out our latest newsletter: The Improve Groove, April 2018

Social Impact Measurement

What is Social Impact Measurement, and what role do evaluators play in the growing social enterprise sector? In our latest edition of IG-ology, IG Founder and CEO Leah Goldstein Moses answers these questions and gives some essential considerations for successfully measuring your impact.

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