Thank You from The Improve Group

As 2018 comes to a close, we give thanks to all our clients, partners, and community members who bring joy to our lives. But instead of just saying "thank you," we wanted to show you our gratitude with a special video.

Watch it here: Thank You Message 2018

Latest Newsletter

Happy 2019! In our January newsletter, you can find out how we plan to nurture inclusion in 2019. Then, learn about Story Stitch, a guided group activity that builds connections and empathy between people of different cultural backgrounds. Finally, you can check out our upcoming evaluation trainings, and see the results of our lively staff debate about data ownership!

Check it out right here: The Improve Groove, January 2019

Exciting News!

The Twin Cities Metropolitan Council’s Equity Advisory Committee has invited IG Founder and CEO Leah Goldstein Moses to join the committee and contribute to its work. 

Read more about this exciting news in our press release: Leah Goldstein Moses Joins Equity Advisory Committee of Metropolitan Council