Improving our Practice

The Improve Group has been undergoing a thoughtful and strategic process to restructure our organization. As we have grown, we have been reflecting on how we can best structure the organization to accommodate growth, and also to ensure that we reflect and practice our values throughout our work. After nearly a year of planning, we are ready to introduce our new, project-centered approach to teaming.

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What's New

Love is in the air! In our latest newsletter, we introduce a new monthly feature—IG-ology—and kick it off with a primer on empowerment evaluation. Then, our team members tell you why evaluation has stolen their hearts this Valentine’s season. Finally, read about IG being featured in the news, and help us celebrate three years of Public Benefit Corporations in Minnesota!

Check out our latest newsletter: The Improve Groove, February 2018

New Feature: IG-ology!

With IG-ology, you’ll get to know our powerhouse staff as they describe how they do their work. These quick summaries of evaluation tools and concepts will be helpful for those with all levels of evaluation experience. Look out for this feature each month.

Our debut IG-ologist is Dr. Jennifer Obinna, a Director of Consulting here at IG, who will teach you about empowerment evaluation.