IG-ology: Emerging Findings Meeting

What sort of methods can be used to ensure an evaluation report doesn't just sit on a shelf? An emerging findings meeting is an important tools we use in collaborative, participatory evaluation projects. After data has been collected and we've completed some initial analysis, we convene our clients to make meaning of the findings together.

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Latest Newsletter

It was a wild July at IG! Since the year began, we have welcomed 8 new members to our team, and we're excited to introduce them to you. We then dive in to an important participatory tool that we call Emerging Findings Meetings. Finally, we provide some updates about our clients in the news.

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Meet our Newest Staff!

It has been an exciting first half of the year here at The Improve Group as we welcomed several new employees! We continue to see growth in our work and in our clients’ needs - and this new cohort of IG-ers brings exciting new talents and experiences that will help meet those needs. 

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