Build Your Evaluation Capacity

The Minneapolis Foundation recently announced a grant opportunity focused on increasing organizational capacity to drive change and deepen impact. The grant will support a broad spectrum of tools and infrastructure that can promote organizational effectiveness, specifically including evaluation. If your organization has been looking to build or improve its evaluation systems to better measure your impact, this could be a great opportunity for you! The Improve Group has partnered with countless nonprofits on similar initiatives and we would love to work with you if you are considering this endeavor! Give us a shout and we're happy to provide advice as you are developing your application -- due Oct. 23, 2019!

Latest Newsletter

In September's newsletter we say a fond farewell to one of our long-term team members and dive into Theory of Change methodology. As we look forward to Evaluation 2019 in Minneapolis, we pre-invite you to a party we will be hosting! And don't forget to stay mindful this conference season with our rad resources. Finally, we provide some info about a new grant initiative that supports evaluation and detail some exciting things that have been happening in our community. 

Check it out right here: The Improve Groove, September 2019

Mindfulness at Coferences

Conference season is almost here, so we wanted to pause for a minute to reflect on the importance of mindfulness. It can mean the difference between a full—but useful—experience, or a blur that leaves you feeling harried and overwhelmed. As you prepare for conferences ahead, check out a few helpful mindfulness tips that might help—or watch this video for some advice from our mindfulness guru at The Improve Group. We hope these resources help everyone enjoy a meaningful, and mindful, conference season in the upcoming months!