Annual Benefit Report

As a registered Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with the State of Minnesota, each year we report on our impact. Our 2018 report details how we made progress toward our strategic goals. As we continue to make progress toward these goals, our public benefit is realized by the benefits we offer to staff, clients, project stakeholders, and the broader community. 

Check out the report for more on these impacts, and a preview of what we have in store for 2019: 2018 Annual Report

Latest Newsletter

In May's newsletter, we say farewell to a former colleague, introduce you to a fun, hands-on activity that we developed to help you connect your theory of change to evaluation findings to ignite action, and detail what we learned in our first follow-up study to the Olmstead Quality of Life Baseline Study. We conclude by sharing some important work that our team members have been championing around trauma-informed approaches to evaluation and diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Check it out right here: The Improve Groove, May 2019

Olmstead Plan Progress

How well is the State of Minnesota doing on its goals of ensuring people with disabilities can live, learn, work, and enjoy life in the most integrated setting? The Improve Group has partnered with the State’s Olmstead Implementation Office since 2014 to measure that work and recently released the first follow-up to the baseline Olmstead Quality of Life Survey. This longitudinal study seeks to measure change over time. Our follow-up confirms the survey tool is working correctly and has been consistently administered.

Read the findings and what's next: Opportunities to Measure the Olmstead Plan's Impact