Minnesota's Olmstead Quality of Life Survey, being implemented as part of Minnesota's Olmstead Plan by The Improve Group. This graphic depicts three different people with a range of disabilities who are working, living, learning, or doing the activities that they enjoy in the communities of their choice. The Quality of Life Survey measures changes or improvements in the lives of people with disabilities. And the goal of the survey is to answer the question, “Are you better off now than you were before?”
The Improve Group is working with the State of Minnesota to implement the Olmstead Quality of Life Follow-up Survey for people who participated in the Baseline Survey in 2017.

Meet the Olmstead Quality of Life Survey Interviewers:

Headshot of Anne Flueckiger
Anne Flueckiger
Headshot of Ashley Boat
Ashley Boat
Headshot of Colleen Casey
Colleen Casey
Headshot of Dave Edens
Dave Edens
Headshot of Ericka Herrmann
Ericka Herrmann
Headshot of Jenna Askevold
Jenna Askevold
Headshot of Jen Onsum
Jen Onsum
Headshot of Julie Olson
Julie Olson
Headshot of Julie Vogeler
Julie Vogeler
Headshot of KiloMarie Granda
KiloMarie Granda
Headshot of Kylie Nicholas
Kylie Nicholas
Headshot of Mark Adzick
Mark Adzick
Headshot of Pam Johnson
Pam Johnson
Headshot of Russell Barnes
Russell Barnes
Headshot of Steve Guberman
Steve Guberman



More Information

You can click here for more information on the Quality of Live Survey: http://theimprovegroup.com/olmstead-quality-life-survey