The Improve Group’s Advisory Board includes wise, talented individuals aligned with our vision: that mission-driven organizations will effectively develop a more resilient, equitable, and thriving world. We are honored that they choose to share their experience and wisdom with us to inform how we address complex issues. They inspire and challenge us.

Rich Cowles, Chair

Works on social justice and equity issues through his volunteer work with It's Time to Talk: Forums on Race. One of Rich’s many accomplishments prior to his retirement as the Charities Review Council’s executive director was to lead a transformation from a long-time charity watchdog to a more relevant and nimble charity “guide-dog,” working with nonprofits to meet accountability standards.

Abdullah Kiatamba

Executive Director of African Immigrant Services. Over the last several years, he has strengthened social systems by ensuring they include all the people they affect. One example of African Immigrant Services significant achievements is to connect community members with the Osseo school system to shape priorities for its students that are inclusive and supportive.

Brigadier General Ron Sconyers

Ron is well-connected to several NGOs through his cross-sector work. He is recently retired as Executive Director of Physicians for Peace, which trains medical professionals throughout the world that serve some of the most underserved populations. Under his leadership, Physicians for Peace brought high-quality health care to some of the 1 billion people worldwide without access to care. Before joining Physicians for Peace, Ron served for 28 years in the Air Force.